NEXT at Preston Ridge

In the fall of 2017 Preston Ridge embarked on a journey to better define who we are as a church and how we can best advance the work God has given us to do in unity, efficiency, and better collaboration. We named this endeavor NEXT at Preston Ridge.


With every goal we reach we seek out what God has NEXT for us as a church and as Christians. We established four teams with which to achieve our objectives and have given ourselves 3 years to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves in March 2018. Below is a little bit about each team, their scope and a way to connect with their lead if you’d like more information or to get involved.

  • Campus of Excellence

    This team seeks to establish a church campus that is truly exceptional for both guests and members alike. They strive to remove any obstacles between people and an encounter with Jesus. Facilities that are well-maintained and easy to navigate and greeters who are equipped to meet the needs of whoever walks through our doors are just a few of the items they tackle. Ray Deaton is our team lead and he can be reached at

  • Culture of More

    Culture of More works to mold the culture of our church to be satisfied in Christ and compelled to pursue Him and further His kingdom MORE. This team covers a lot of ground and helps new ministries launch, but with every victory we say with joy, “What more can we do for God with the time we have?” Missions, fellowships, projects and more are just a few of the opportunities you’d find on this team. Sara Hamilton leads this team and can be reached at

  • Conduit of Leadership

    With new ministries emerging our need for capable leaders is ever-growing. This team establishes our processes for training up leaders within the church so we are ready when new opportunities present themselves. One of their big victories was the successful launch of the Equipped to Serve course last fall where many of our church family received training for future and existing leadership needs. Greg Thompson is the team lead and can be reached at

  • Communications

    This team focuses on how we communicate as a church, including the communication between the NEXT teams and the church and the community outside the church. The responsibilities of this team include social media, marketing, and more. Reach out to team lead, Amy Cowen, at