Life Group Info

Ablast | Room C107 - Class for young families that is lead by the Campbell's and Frye's.


Antioch | Room 100A - If you’re looking for robust discussion and a more traditional setting this is the group for you! Teacher Scott Newcomb walks the class through challenging topics from the Bible as they spend more time going deeper.

College and Young Adults | Room C109 - Harlin Hamilton leads this group for college students and young adults.


The Gospel Project for Parents | Room C110 -  The Gospel Project us a Christ-centered, chronological bible study curriculum unfolding the bible from Genesis to Revelation. This group is co-led by Andrew Bell and Greg Thompson.  


Seekers | Room 100B - Dave McGarry teaches this lively group in a light-hearted and straightforward approach, making this group a great fit for anyone!

6th-12th Grade students | Room C107  -  Small groups for boy and girls led by the Patons.

Growth Groups

Preston Ridge is now introducing Growth Groups! They are new in-home life groups consisting of around six to eight people. For more information about Growth Groups, please contact Steve Radney at

Women's Ministry

Life pulls us in so many directions that it becomes a blur and friendships can sometimes take a back seat. We're not immune to the challenges of making real connections with other women.

The Women’s Ministry at Preston Ridge ensures that ladies have regular opportunities to grow, serve and build relationships.

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Men's Ministry

As adults, it can be hard to make strong friendships with other men. Work life and home life can claim so much time that connecting outside of them can seem impossible.

Courageous Men’s Ministry exists so the men inside and outside the church can have intentional opportunities to connect, serve and have a good time.